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2 days of online training with 
Dr. Claudia Fugazza, PhD

Online event 30.09-1.10 2023

Develop your knowledge of canine psychology and puppy social learning in our fascinating online seminar! Join our weekend event and discover the secrets of the dog's mind within the theme'The dog's mind'as well as learn techniques to use social learning in puppy training in the subject'Social learning in puppies and its use in training'. Choose to sign up for the entire seminar to make the most of this convenient opportunity, or purchase it separately to tailor the program to your interests and needs.

Don't waste your time - sign up now and take your dog understanding and training to the next level!

"The dog's mind" and "Social learning in puppies and its use in training"

Who we are? :)

Do As I Do Polska - we are developing a dog training community based on imitation! We are a group of Polish enthusiasts of the Do As I Do method, who strive to promote and develop this innovative training technique in Poland. Our Facebook community is a place where we share knowledge, experiences and inspiration related to the use of imitation in dog training. The administrator of the group is Katarzyna Jakubowska, the official coach of Do As I Do in Poland.

Every work with a dog is a wonderful adventure! Join us to develop your skills in imitation-based dog training, share ideas and be inspired by the successes of others in the community. Together we build a stronger bond with our four-legged friends.


Click "Join" and see you in the Do As I Do Polska group!

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