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Prepare for an extraordinary journey into the world of canine psychology and social learning in puppies at our unique online seminar, guided by Dr. Claudia Fugazza!


Expand your knowledge of canine psychology and social learning at our fascinating online seminar, led by renowned expert Dr. Claudia Fugazza! Join us for a weekend event aimed at both experienced dog trainers and training enthusiasts. Discover the secrets of a dog's mind in "The dog's mind" and explore the techniques of social learning in puppy training in "Social learning in puppies and its use in training". Our seminar is based on solid scientific foundations and the latest research in canine ethology. By signing up for both seminars, you will gain a wealth of knowledge and practical skills to achieve even better results in working with dogs. Take advantage of the promotional price when registering for both events and gain exceptional value.

Regardless of your level of experience, our seminar will provide you with valuable tools that will elevate your training skills to a new level.


Here are some topics you can learn during "The dog's mind" seminar (September 31, 2023):

  • Self-awareness in dogs: Learn about the research conducted to understand whether dogs possess self-awareness and how it can be assessed.
  • Social learning in dogs and imitation: Discover unique aspects of social learning and imitation in dogs and why they are essential.
  • Different types of memory in dogs: Delve into the various types of memory dogs possess and how it influences their learning.
  • Human influence on dog learning: Gain insights into what dogs learn from us, how our actions and communication impact their learning processes.
  • Dogs as capable of understanding others' actions and goals: Explore how dogs understand others' actions and how they can deduce their intentions and goals.
  • Learning and language processing in dogs: Learn more about dogs' abilities in learning and processing language and other related cognitive skills.
  • How do dogs understand our words? Gifted Word Learner dogs: Discuss dogs that are capable of learning words and how this ability affects our communication and relationships with them.

Here are some topics you can learn during "Social learning in puppies and its use in training" seminar (October 1, 2023):

  • Latest scientific research on social learning in puppies: Discover the latest scientific findings on how puppies learn from other dogs and humans in their environment.
  • Utilizing spontaneous behaviors and behavioral synchronization in puppies: Explore whether and how these natural behaviors can be utilized in puppy training.
  • Understanding appropriate social rewards: Learn how to effectively use social rewards to motivate and reinforce puppies during training.
  • Recent scientific research on social referencing in puppy education: Explore the latest research on how puppies reference to people and other animals to acquire information and skills.
  • Utilizing spontaneous social learning in puppy training: Learn how to effectively use spontaneous social learning in the puppy training process.
  • Practical part with puppy demonstrators: You will have the opportunity to observe and learn live how to apply social learning in dog training, using 4-8 puppies as demonstrators.

About the lecturer:


Claudia Fugazza is a researcher at the Department of Ethology at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest. She obtained her PhD in ethology at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Dog Breeding and Education (TACREC), a Master's degree in Companion Animal Ethology, and a Master's degree in Dog Training from the University of Pisa in Italy. Her research focuses on social learning in dogs and canine cognitive abilities. She developed the training method called "Do as I Do," which utilizes dogs' ability to imitate and is an effective tool in dog training. Author of the book "DO AS I DO Using Social Learning to Train Dogs," which focuses on the use of social learning in dog training. She is a lecturer at numerous seminars in Europe, the USA, Japan, China, and Latin America. Her main seminar topics include canine cognitive abilities, social learning in dogs, and using this information in dog training. Dr. Claudia Fugazza is a member of the "Family Dog Project" at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, which brings together researchers from different fields, including dog ethology. Their work focuses on studying the behaviors and interactions between dogs and humans in family contexts, social learning in dogs, and their cognitive abilities. The project's activities, in which Dr. Claudia Fugazza participates, provide valuable information and insights for dog owners, supporting better understanding and communication with our four-legged friends.

The organizer reserves the right to cancel the event for reasons beyond their control. In such a case, the fees will be refunded to the accounts from which the purchase was made.



online seminar “The Dog ́s Mind” + "Social learning in puppies" 2 days

zł900.00 Regular Price
zł690.00Sale Price
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